Father -in -law

It was a nice day I callled my father in-law to see if he wanted to go fishing with me ,he jumped at the idea  and I went over to his home to pick him up ,he was ready and waiting , and just said lets get out of here I need some fresh air . He looked frustrated and jumped into my truck putting his gear in the back  and said lets go ...
We got out on the lake and after awhile he started taking about his sex life with his wife  , I was amazed he never ever mentioned sex with or about it in all these years I have known him, complaining about getting an erection and after can't get satasfaction from his wife , his excate words I need to get it in there feel it pop in feel the tightness and pop off in her .. He even said how he took viagra his med doctor gave him a few to try out . Now he's an older man in his 70's wife is the same , he just kept ranting on an on , finally I said  why don't you ********** u know jerk off  , he snapped back at me and said it not the same  an I agreed , he kept going  o about t  and said  she never gives me a blow job either like before , well I gave hi a beer and we hatted some more I explained after we had been drinkin for awhile  u ever try aa hooker  ,he said I ain't payin for something Ihave at home and I saaid well I'm kinda in the same boat , I **** his daughter daily but made it seem like I don't get it either to him...

 He  was supprised and just then had to take a pee , not thinking he just dropped his shorts and pissed over the side of the boat ,turned around and said to me see llook it'sa good ***** and I said  well mine is about your size  and I dropped my pants showing him my **** up and erect I went oer to him as hhe sat down and told him let me satasfy you and grabbed his **** limp as it was  it began to harden up he just looked at his **** growing hhe was so drunk now he had no idea except his **** was growing  as I stroked it for him and then took it in my mouth sucking and licking it he only was saying  oh **** oh **** oh yes  yes   as I took it all in popped it out and sucked on him ,
I told him he need to **** me now  he looked puzzled and I kneeled and ahowed my *** to him he didn't even hesatate he tried and tried  and finally got his head in my rosebud of an ******* and pop in it went  , he rammed t in and out  for a long time finally pounded it in held it and exploded in me so ****** warm man he was haolin a lot of *** it just made him pound me more .

 we meet now in his home and as his wife sleeps we **** eachother and give eachother bj's oh  it makes me a ****** ***** as I do his daughter too  
carl4utoo carl4utoo
May 12, 2012