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Kind Of On The Fence

I wanna have a *********...something about my body,his body and her body sweating and rubbing against each other just turns me on. The only thing is that I was watching a talk show one day and he said you shouldn't have a ********* if you really care about the person. I like him and I really don't wanna share. If that chick were to do anything with my man...I know she'd like it and want more. If she tried to make a move on him I'd cut her.(yeah your little sweetheart can get a bit violent) friend,however,recently had a ********* and I'm kind of jealous...I wanna have one. lol. But again I don't wanna share. I don't know what my problem is...guess I'll continue to live out my fantasy through ******....:/ well off I go...pornhub awaits. ^^
Charmingminx484 Charmingminx484 18-21, F 2 Responses Jun 6, 2012

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You could be the third party ... that way you wouldn't have to share your man ... of course not sure how happy he'd be if you were in a ********* without him but he'd have the benefit of knowing you were a bad girl!!<br />
<br />
And of course he and you could have a ********* with another guy so you wouldn't have to worry about the girl making a move on your man :)

Id luv 2 have a three some with you luv it;) an you aint gota share:)