I Want To Have A ********* With Twins

Let's get this straight -- I'm a taken girl. I've been in a relationship for about two years now, and my boyfriend is a wonderful man. I love him very much, but that doesn't stop me from fantasizing elsewhere. I know I'm not the only one out there who does this, so I regret absolutely nothing about what I'm about to confess to all of you lovely people...

So, at college, there are these brothers: gorgeous, twin brothers. Let's call them Luke and Ben. They are tall and lean, muscular, and so handsome. They're just so perfect, and I find myself staring at them every single time either of them come near me.

In my mind, sometimes I can't help but wonder what it would be like to have them both. Just thinking about it gets me hot. I'm really curious to know what it would take to coerce them both into a ********* with myself. I swear, I'd ruin those poor boys!

I like to think of us starting off with a few drinks, flirting here and there, chatting and having a few laughs, and then one thing leads to another and Luke just takes my hand and slides it up his thigh, slowly. The smirk-like smile that I see upon his face every day, so nonchalant and cool, creeps over his lips before he leans in and presses them against mine, his hands beginning to roam over my body while Ben sits on the other side of me and starts kissing, nipping and biting at my neck, rolling his hand over my breast and teasing me through my shirt. We start slowly tearing each other's clothes off, and soon enough I'm naked between the two of them. They're pressed against both sides of me, their hands and lips roaming over my body. I can feel them both becoming rock hard as they grind against me, and I moan softly for them as Luke takes my nipple and gently puts it between his teeth, sucking on my flesh while his brother cups my *** and grinds himself against me.

The image of Luke going down on me always gets me so wet. I imagine his tongue sliding over my ****, his fingers barely grazing my slit before he tauntingly slides on in. And Ben is beside me, his throbbing **** in my hand as I wrap my lips around it and hear him groan out for me.

And then, the best part: when they finally take me. Sometimes I imagine one of them taking me from behind, doggystyle -- rolling their hips against my *** as their thick cockmassages the walls of my tight *****, while the other has a handful of my hair, pushing their **** into my mouth and telling me to suck them. Other times, I consider double-penetration, with one of them in my ***** and the other carefully sliding into my ***. I imagine the ****** would be simply too amazing for words...

If I had the chance, I'd let those boys do anything they wanted to me. I swear, I've gone and gotten myself all hot now. I want both of them so bad!
CassArnora CassArnora
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

LOL! A ********* with twins would check two items off most folks' bucket list.

Hot concept ... and story. Bumped.