Two Men For My Of Them Me..

while its been a fantasy for a long time, we almost had a ********* with a close friend. Have to say, per my wife its "all my trip", but cant help but think that is something that turns her on a lot.
But to be honest with herself about her feelings, or hurting mine prevents her from going further.
Any advice out there to take it to the next step?
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I want to have a Freesum

Lookin for a girl. Me and my gf realy want a 3sum, stayin in cape town area

yeah, let her go with "it's all your trip" so she can think (for her sake and yours) that she is doing it out of love for you not enjoyment for her at your expense.
Then once it's done and you tell her how sexy she looked with the other guy and how much it turned you on to see her enjoying it, she will loosen up a little and admit she enjoyed it somewhat (when she really f'n loved it) Then you can begin to really work it in pillow talk and see where she goes with it.