My Bf/Love Of My Life That I'Ve Been Waiting On. Now I Want To At Least Watch Him Receive Oral.

**THIS IS UNFINISHED**will fingsg

As I lie here gently touching and caressing my ****, I am consumed by thoughts of you. My Normal thoughts are of us gaming, cuddling, and how fortunate Wyatt and I are to have you in our lives.

However, tonight I want to tell you a slightly different story burning through my mind and body. So... I'll start from the beginning.

*Do you remember what Viv looks like? No way can you really forget. She's sexy, and sweet. She is just as much into sex as I am. Therefore, we have had several sexual conversations.

I will invite her over for the day, and have a few events lined up for us all to attend. I accidentally slipped over the part where I know that when I introduce y'all to each other, I'm sure you'll find her very sexy, and she the same towards you. We wont have worry about anyone being turned off physically.

You and I will hold hands and chit chat through whatever event we are attending. Also, i catch you and her exchanging lustful looks, which tells me that both of you are wanting and willing to participate. We will have laid out the rules and boundaries ahead of time.

We finally make it home.... Just to break the ice, I start kissing her and touching all over her body. We beging undressing one another, and you walk up taking your shirt off. I notice she is staring at your ****, which is throbbing it's so rockhard. I softly tell her to remove your belt and pull your pants off. I suck on your **** a few times, and call her over to take over.

She massages your throbbing **** and balks with her tongue. While you simultaneously push her head down, making her swallow and choke on your ****. You and I continue to passionately kiss one another, while I move one hand
To her dripping wet *****, and the other to mine.

I slowly step back so I can watch the two of you. You both are moaning so loud, and she's begging you to **** her, and you are stating/asking is it ok to go forth. You continuously announce how wet and hot her ***** is, and wonder aloud what it would feel like.

I'm so turned on by this point that I am almost orgasming without any help. Therefore. I
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3-somes a fun!!!

How about making it a foursum. I hate to think of you being al horny yet not enjoying the feeling of a thrusting **** filling your ***** with s hot load of *** and experiencing your own multiple *******.

No thanks. I've been thinking that I probably am becoming a cuckquean. So I'd much rather watch my bf or finance **** another woman.