I Need One

I'm so tired of the pain caused by tucking every day
I'm sick of always being on the lookout that nothing can be noticed in my pants or skirts
I hate that there's SO much I simply can't wear because of that 'thing'
I'm constantly in pain or at least discomfort because of my inability to enjoy sex at all
I'm depressed all the time because my body and psyche are aching for a decent ******, yet I lack the parts needed to have one!
And all this trouble and more, caused to me because no one wants to admit that SRS is nessecary, not a choice or a luxury
AngelaDark AngelaDark
31-35, F
2 Responses Jul 21, 2010


I can identify with your desire. I totally agree that SRS is a necessity, not a luxury so our body can match our psyche.