Oh God I Wish I Had A Vagina

Oh please I do want one, this would be heaven for me. My **** and ******** gone for eternity.

A pure unspoilt line when I slip on my thong, just a clitoris to tease by a man with his tounge.

I'd be a true woman finally, to be able to **** a man for eternity.

I truly want to be a woman with vagina and breasts.

Please god let me wake tomorrow, a woman at last.
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3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I've tried wishing for one too,many times
Still waiting

It's just a shame that the ones we can get from surgery are nothing compared to the real thing both in terms of sensation and function. I just wish I could somehow be reborn as a biological female. I guess that's a wish shared by all of us.

Dreaming about it doesn't work, I've tried.