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Why Am I A Man?

I hope and pray too many times a day that my penis will just shrivel up and fall of to be replaced by a beautiful vagina. Soon to be followed by my entire body being transformed in that of a woman.

1987Samantha 1987Samantha 22-25, M 17 Responses Apr 14, 2010

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I've been waiting 20 years for something like that to happen to me. but no. Still love wearing women's clothing , and still manly physically.

We all want that deary and wouldn't it be wonderful if that would happen.

I hope and pray so many time. Mine is different. I just want a p**** and b**** that is it.

I am a 59 year old male, married, kids, have always liked wearing womens panties and bra's when my wife wasn't at home, I used to stop and buy panties when I was out of town on business and wear them at the motel at night and finally I told my wife about 1.5 years ago, she wasn't to happy about this, so I started wearing them sometimes 24/7 not every day. I used to by strictly white and now I buy colored, and I do wear them in front of her, and I also buy online. I have always felt like the same person commenting,that he just wants a vagina, I don't think my kids and co-workers and friend's and people I deal with on a daily basis, would not be able to accept me as a female and I would be harassed. I want the feeling a woman has at sex.

I feel the same way like you. <br />
Urrggghhh....<br />
Just want this penis to somehow disappear.

through all these comments it makes me wonder about myself. Im a crossdresser and score a nearly feminine on the bem gender role test. but i have a lot of strong masculine traits too... like femcockette said if we became a girl one desire would become true at the expense of possibly losing the reason for that desire. im a pansy man but i love cars. i want a lotus. its two door and fast but has curves that only can be bested by that of a womans body. right now i drive a 2000 dollar camaro. having a lotus is a dream, a reasonable one with financing but after i get to own one the thrill of wanting it will all die away. many times its the desire for something that makes it so fun. not the actual attainment of it. I want breast, my very own to look at and touch and explore but as i use lotions and herbs that seem to make a difference, only slight but noticable i wonder if having them will be as great as dreaming of them. last of all as for the manly urges, yeah i want sex, most all men do. but women do too. just because we get a stiffee doesnt mean we need to get some tail. i know ive only had sex 6 times now in my life but im erected minimum of a dozen times throughout the day. Thats not including during my porns at night. all in all ive learned to love who i am and what i am. i just want to express how i fell on the inside through my cloths like we all do. i feel fem on the inside so i want to look frilly in my cloths not greasy sweaty and masculine... im a gentle guy so my cloths i want to be soft. i know others have desires to be different but if your not happy with what you are you may need to change who you are..? let your style match you mind...

may that be the dream we all have


I think not having this "crotch snake" would balance out my life. I hate having primal manly urges for sex and wanting to satisfy myself because of my genitals, I hate morning wood especially when it just happens for no reason! I'd rather have a cute *****. And if it was 100% real and working, I'd still have excitement in my life, I just won't feel like a caveman with a club wanting to use it on something female. Ugh.

Yeah, I prayed for that for many years but eventually came to the conclusion that prayer wasn't the answer. Science was...the science of medicine. They haven't made a little pink pill that'll make your penis shrivel up and turn into a vagina. But they have pills that'll give you pretty boobs and maybe your balls will shrink up. You'll have to see a surgeon to get the vajayjay but they do a remarkable job these days! Frankly, I'm pretty amazed at what those pills did for me!<br />
<br />
<br />
yeah it takes some time, alot of work and sacrifice and will cost some big bucks but it's totaly worth it!<br />
<br />
It would be nice if they could make that little pink pill but they don't. You'll have to make do with what can be done now. But frankly honey, if you're not willing to go through everything that has to be done to become a woman, you don't really want it.

Not me.. I am happy being a sissy. <br />
I have the fun of dressing up, with the feelings of silks moving across my body. <br />
I can suck **** and drink the *** and also have it rammed up my sissy ***. <br />
If I were a girl full time, I mean a real girl, I would not get as much excitment as I do now.<br />
<br />
The excitment would disapear and the sensual feelings I get when I dress,would be just ordinary.<br />
I look forward to waking up just so I can get dressed and I also look forward to bed time, so I can change into my nighties.<br />
I dont think I would be as happy if I were a real girl. Its a lot more fun being something your not suposed to be... <br />
x x x

I feel you sam, Maybe one day.

Here to your dream coming true one way or another :D

me to it would be so great to wake up one morning and find that my littel boy parts where gone and i had a vigina ! anyway having a littel boy **** is not so bad and the men seem to enjoy my *** as much as i do its just that some times i wish i was all girl ) : !

I know just how every one feels i love and adore you all

Thank you for that sweetie :)

Pray for all of us who have similar desires...