The Affair Hasn't Started, But It's Already Finished!

March 3rd, Saturday
While writing my thesis, I decided to forget about you as putting more thoughts on the night that you refused to share yourself with me. I interpreted it as that I am not important enough to get to know you. Since this is my interpretation and understanding about myself from your perspective, I decided to let you go off my mind. If I have any tears, they are for my grief and I need to understand and let you go.

The story between you and me is like a song without lyrics,
It has not yet started, but the end is coming,
It becomes somewhat painful, but I think I can handle it.
However, it is sad and somewhat lost
In the mist of my boring life.
It is my plain and painless
That is the answer!

I would like to let you go off my mind,
And I think,
This works the best for you and me
As well as for my husband
In my plain and tasteless life.
Think about you less and
Miss you less.
If I have tears in my eyes,
That is my loss of hope and
It is not your fault.
It is the grief about my dying marriage!
hotyogabk hotyogabk
51-55, F
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

Don't grief, his lost, a better man will come your way😉

Thank you for your support. I am way stronger now.

Take care.