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"Looking For a "Friend With Benefits"relationship

I'm only in the pre-planning stages, haven't really searched for someone--but hear the way to go is to find a married man in the same situation as me who only wants to be in a "Friend with Benefits" type relationship meaning, neither of us is looking to get out of our current situation, we just want some companionship, intimacy, romance, and sex once in awhile.  A good old fashion affair.  Why not, we're not getting it at home, at least I'm not, he's getting it elsewhere, so why can't I.  Revenge sex, I don't think so, this has been going on far to long to call it that.  I'm just lonely, and life is to short to not enjoy this part of it.  To meet for some good conversation, a nice movie, lunch, and dessert once in awhile, maybe a night sleep over somewhere on occasion, what could it hurt.  No strings attached.  Can it be done?  I don't know.  I'm willing to give it a try, is anyone out there? 

jstwnabluvd jstwnabluvd 61-65 64 Responses Apr 7, 2009

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An one sweet lady adventurous can contact me.

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good old fashioned affairs do not exist, well at from my experience . Emotions get in the way at some stage and that's where the wheels fall off the wagon . being there but loved every minute of it . Can be hard on the system .

Can u come get me for the night i want to meet u hun im in the same predicament as you

Go for it. I did.

We are a young couple, just wanting a girl to be our sexting partner and friends with benefits. Please message me if you are interested, we are both very down to Earth and want to get to know new people! :)

In Colorado. Looking for exactly this kind of thing. Risky? Sure as pointed out by others, but willing to give it a try anyway. Early 50s. Healthy male. Like to find a fun, smart, healthy married woman somewhere within a couple of hundred miles to get together with from time to time.

I know exactly how u feel. I would never break up my family, and it is more an emotional affair rather than physical affair that I want.

oh yeah !!kink is my style

One more thing: GUYS! Think about the potential outcome, trust me, it's crap unless you like alimony and child support and staying on your brother's couch because you can't afford a place of your own. Think it's not possible? Well let me ask you a question, do the courts still favour women in child support and alimony cases? There is your answer...

So if you put that out there, you have to expect that tons of married men will post on this (as I can see from below). A girl once told me "a married man will never leave his wife". Might seem like thats just fine right now, but don't fall for him because as a guy, you get what you get going into it. For instance, you tell me that you want a FWB, cool as a guy, why not, no strings (let's be honest there isn't a such thing as no strings, but let's pretend there is). Say you start developing feelings for me or want more, I cut my losses.. why? it was only ever sex for the guy and nothing more. So many books and examples have proven it, for a women, its more emotional, for a man its more physical. Also, an affair is only really super passionate when it's illicit. Is the guy going to be as desirable when his wife finds out, kicks him out and he wants to stay with you? Laugh, thumb me down, whatever, but I promise you it happens

I for one am out there and interested. Touchbase.

Same situation as you.

i am on the same stage, got married young... i am 24 now and i just need to release some steam with another woman <3 even older to teach me some new things maybe... add me on skype maybe? Surfsup1988

I had an affair with a 24 year old.. I refered to him as "stamina of the gods" and he said "finally a girl wjo likes to have sex" was the best fwb of my life... I have no regretts!

hmmm looking for another?? :)

I have been in a long term sexless marriage. I have worked hard to support my family and educate my children. Yet, no matter what I do I am never deserving of a loving physical relationship with my wife. I have come to the point where the pain is so present that I have to explore a relationship outside of the marriage. I have suffered so long I don't know what to do. I am a kind loving person that can't accept the rejection any longer.

dallas??i,m there if you are./..

Hello, Anyone near Sonoma County, Calif

I miss having sex I am married and have a high sex drive my wife has no sex drive


The poster is refreshing and restores ones confidence in women - unusually open, passionate and hetero - therefore you can be sure she is of a certain age. No younger women has or is in touch with heterosexuality like that. I have had similar affairs with married women just like the poster describes - friends who are intimate - sounds ideal doesnt it? For a man perhaps. Unfortunately my last partner became a bit obsessed, which is unfortunate because you should be able to have nothing attached pleasure - else humanity is deeply damaged.<br />
It is odd of course that the ladies who want or claim to want an affair make themselves completely unavailable. It isnt like am on offer as am sure you are all american and am not. <br />
Therefore perhaps you just like the idea of ...etc and nothing more. <br />
I would say more about my friend with benefits experience but it would be moved to a different section - lets just say it often involved some yoga like bending in the front of a car. <br />
Odd thing is - if women had the sexuality and confidence - they would know they are in the position of power to get exactly what they want on their terms - since affairs are in reality so rare - can we assume that the truth is - women just arent interested at all in men - who ever it is?

I agree and I am seeking a woman to have some nsa fun with. I am a mature black male who is married and my wife is just not doing it for me these days. I would like a friend with benefits who can be discreet. I want a married woman is in the same boat or similar situation. I live in burlington county N.J. I hope I can find someone. Devin

Where are you located? In the same type of situation

I am in a sexless marriage and horribly lonely. I love her on some level but I miss being touched. An "arrangement" would be wonderful.

lookin for the same ,, friend / lover / buddy to share special time communication,, no drama,, good merlot,, great intimacy,, colorado and montana,, i have places in both,, fun fit easy goin,, very outgoing too,,

oh my there are sooo many of us in the same boat,, i have been looking for a year,, wish i could connect it would be good for me on a lot of levels,,

I am a married man in a sexless marriage and I would me glad to develope a relationship with a married woman. If you are interested in taking this to a step further, my email address is

Hii.. I'm looking for a freind with benefits.. Need da benefits really.. Live in london..add me on blackberry (2615D469) or txt me on 07958762865..

u are honest most of comments are nice reading i just feel "No strings attached someone will get hurt i always feel cheating is not good thing

Wow....I can relate to this..I am not married yet, we are engaged for next spring. We've been together for almost 2yrs. This man rules my world! He's a gentleman, hard worker, respectful, and silly. We go together well on soo many levels. Our sex life has dwindled drastically. I know he works 11-12hr days, and he put our love life on a schedule of only being Saturday nights. That's our date night. But that's also the only night of the week he after "X" amount of beers, he loses his stamina. He didn't even remember what had happened between the two of us the night before. I thought we threw it down great and it was fantastic. It was a big blow to my ego to know he didn't remember anything. I love him and don't want to be with another. But I'm an extremely sexual person. I mentioned that I wish he'd remember and he said I was bitching...I know he has no time for another woman. He literally works from 6am to 8-9pm and is home straight after. He tells me he loves me and is sorry for the lack of sex in our life...and he's turn into a lazy lover. I think the age has something to do with it to, I just turned 30 and he's 45. He's vanilla ice cream and I want to be tied up from time to time, lol...we just made a list of places we'd like to have sex. We ripped them up and put them in a box and each month we're going to pick one and do it at the specific spot. That was fun and we had great sex that night...but I need more. I'm such a sexual person it means alot to me. I have thoughts of just meeting a stranger, no words exchanged, just pure unadulterated kinky fun. I am a woman and I do NOT have emotional ties to everyone I sleep with. But I am so scared to cheat on him. I would hate if he did it to me...or would I? It feels horrible knowing you're not enough, but it also feels horrible to not get what you need. Tough situation...anyways, that's my ramble!

im much older, and i too work 10-12 hr days but at a moments notice i can be "up" for fun,, your story is scarey,, but i guess there are men and women that are not as excited by good sex as the rest of us,,

I am a woman who is looking for this exact scenario. I love my husband, but I don't think monogamy is for everyone. Some people are more sexual than others and some people need more attention than others. If you can handle it, then you should do it. I am here specifically to try to find a friend with benefits. I've had it before and it is very enjoyable, fills a void that nothing else can.