The Last 6 Months Have Been A Pain In The Heart

Lately is seems that ever time I turn around I am attending another funeral. In the past six months I have lost an uncle, an aunt, a brother-in-law, and on Monday a very important father figure...all under the age of 55. In addition to being emotionally devastating, all of this loss has made me question my day-to-day and evaluate the importance of my decisions.

A few weeks ago I received an offer to live in Sayulita, a small fishing village in Mexico, for a year. I waffled for quite a while with the decisions. I became preoccupied with all of the detriment that could come from me making a rash decision to live in a foreign country with no real plan.

Last night I decided to bite my thumb at conventional wisdom and pack my bags. As of October 7th, I am embarking on my adventure. No longer will it be a goal. I am done living my life in theory because, as horribly cliché as it is, each day could be our last and nothing is guaranteed.

Viva Mexico...I hope I keep my head (in a very literal sense).
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Jul 29, 2010