Are Sites A Waste Of Time?

I consider myself a pretty desirable guy but I don't seem to have any luck finding an affair on these sites. Sure there's some interesting ladies but never any real action yet. A lot of guys around and some even tried to hit on me.

I would really like to find a woman that likes to have fun and maybe even be friends. I don't want to engage with someone at work, my wife's friends, or the YMCA ladies as those are pretty risky. But then again, they seem to reveal the best opportunities.

I like bigger, mature ladies and am not real picky about anything. Maybe I give up on this? If you're reading this and are interested in what I'm offering, probably best to contact me soon.
Cyasquirm Cyasquirm
46-50, M
1 Response Feb 12, 2013

It's not easy, I know. But the more you're out and about, the sooner you'll run across someone. Parks and stores provide some opportunities. If you could get away with going to clubs, you'd probably score soon, but being married, clubs are difficult to do.

What are "YMCA ladies", and what makes them risky?