Sexual Thirst...

I have been in sexless marriage for 10 ys.
Since day 1 my husband had excuses for intimacy..this and that and headache and so ,etc...
I have beautiful children and a pretty one would ever imagine that this young successful couple hasnt had sex or intimacy in more than 2 days are usually fine, i love my job, have great friends..but I have this weight on my chest from the lack of intimacy in my life..
I have tried EVERYTHING and only learned that this will never change. I know i need to get out somehow. I am not ready yet. A million reasons that would take a long time to write.
My only short term option is an affair. Only sexual matter. I can handle it and none of the emotional crap....I need human touch, smell, passion...sweat...
Can someone understand me and not judge me?
csantos10 csantos10
31-35, F
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You need a lover, plain and simple. Believe me it will add what is missing in your life and fill a huge void. Believe me there are so many women in the same situation as yours.

It is hard for people not in the situation to understand. It is about sex but there is also an element of what it does to your self esteem to feel that your partner is not attracted to you. When you live it then you can empathize and understand where you are coming from. I am willing to bet you could find someone that is in your same shoes and you could create a symbiotic relationship.

Such a daunting task stevem7! I've been at it for 2 years and am just too shy to push to the next step. I have started noticing which women touch my arm during conversations, so that may be the subtle move cs is looking for. Another thing I've tried to notice in these women is whether they are looking in my eyes or watching my lips and other parts. Still, I just can't push myself over the line.

than you must be such a cool friend to have...

Yes. It is easy to understand you and not judge you. We deserve to be held and kissed and smelled and loved. We deserve to feel our lover's hands rubbing us and making us feel good. You may have agreed to monogamy - but you never agreed to <strong>non</strong>ogamy.