Anyone Near Southern Michigan?

I've been in a marriage for 26 years and the sex has progressed from weekly to annually with almost no creativity. I've tried. I bought an anonomus trial subscription to Cosmopolitan hoping it would get us talking about sex; she was so angery that I didn't dare fess up that I bought it. We also found some bird feathers on a walk in the woods and I joked that we could take them home and tickle each other. Talk about the evil eye and cold shoulder all at the same time! So I'm looking for a lady friend living near me who would like to teach me what they know or experiment together or both.
gfteddybear gfteddybear
51-55, M
2 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Boy, can I relate to our situation.

I am an open book; whatever it takes for you to "know about" me please don't hesitate to pursue.