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I don’t know what but I am feeling the desire for other women. My wife is beautiful but she isn’t satisfying me enough. She says that I want sex too often but I can seem to want to stop. If she says no, then I have to go for a run and then after I **********. I just want to feel another set of breasts. I want to see the pleasure on a another women’s face. Is there something wrong with me or do others feel the same way?
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I don't know, but my experience with married men who actually love their wives is an affair is a waste of your time and a risk to your marriage. Why get caught planning something you will never have, or risk a one time fling. Find a way to spice things up, incorporate new things and fantasies. I wish you luck. Don't cheat unless you are really sure you can live with what might happen because of it.

First, there is nothing wrong with you. Of course most of us feel the same way. Just as I'm sure our wives feel the same way at times too. Getting rejected at home is quite possibly the most difficult part of marriage, and it's something that every guy I know will eventually ***** about. <br />
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If women had any idea how much their constant rejection makes us want to run to another woman's bedroom, maybe they'd think twice. <br />
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I tried to explain to my wife that this is why beautiful women like Jennifer Anniston, Halle Berry, Liz Hurley and the like get cheated on with much less attractive women. When you reject your husband, ANY other woman will do.

Why is it horrible? It's not mean spirited at all, merely a relaying of what so many men have reported. And I used high profile examples because it serves to drive home the reality of unmet needs. I agree with you that a relationship is a privilege. But I also understand that it takes two people working to continually meet the important physical and emotional needs of the other. When wives shut down sexually, this creates an enormous physical and EMOTIONAL void inside their husbands. And history proves that any almost port in a storm will do when a man is looking to have these needs met.

In fact, you'll often find women saying " he cheated on his wife for HER?!?" Because women are more often focused on looks than men. What these women never seem to understand is that in the end, it wasn't about how the other woman looked, it was about how she made her lover "feel" Have you ever heard the saying " doesn't matter if you're beautiful as long as next to you I feel handsome?"

Whoa! Have you even been reading what I said? Yes, women are sensitive at times, and perhaps "us men" aren't always the best at meeting their complex emotional needs. This is why I said it takes BOTH partners to work together to meet each other's needs. But sorry toots... cuddling, and having long talks aren't what most men need. There is a very solid emotional component to sex that you are overlooking because you think to us it's all about getting off. It's not. It's about the intimacy and closeness that lovemaking fosters. It's also about feeling "desirable" when your partner stops making you feel that way. Women take this for granted, because they get that feeling everywhere. For us, its a more rare and splendid thing. Ironically, you are the one who is focused solely on sex here, not me.

And now we reach the truth. You hate men and don't care what they need, but still expect them to bend over backwards to meet yours. Got it. Good luck with that approach. Doesn't seem to be working for you thusfar, as you are clearly unfulfilled, but I suppose that's your business, not mine.

Well if you "don't care what men want" then I assure you, you are in fact disrespecting your partner.

...and, she's gone. That was interesting.

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Intellectually you understand that your wife's rejections (too often) are reasonable, but psychologically they are devastating. Subtly and without meaning harm, she is rejecting as often or more often than accepting your advances. I suspect you don't even ask or apply the moves every time you desire her any more. My wife isn't interested in sex with me 20 times out of 30 in a month. In her mind, ten times a month should be enough, but she doesn't realize that twenty times a month, I am forced to accept a rejection even harsher than some anonymous woman in a bar. Sorry babe, I doubt I would go 0-20.