Questioning Fidelity

I posted a question about having an affair. Would you mind answering it?

1) Best reason to
2) Best reason not to

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5 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Best reason to have an affair is when you have looked at all tbe reasons you should not have an affair and decide that this is worth it anyway.
Reasons not to include, but are not limited to; family, bank account, guilt, disease, stalker, pay back, loss of trust , self respect , job.

I do not think there are good or bad reasons to have an affair. You do what you think is best for you at that time - you may think through the consequenses but for some the risk has been worth the the pure enjoyment.

maby because after a lot of years you get tired of the same arguments and find nothing you do makes her happy, she also had several affairs ,kids grown too much time togather no private time<br />
as staying togather no cheating some people prefer to be self sacrficing to thenselves and society <br />
and then kids religeon,,neighbors husband, or a deeo religious beliefs every one should have love and respect and make love but some times its not with spouse

best reason to: well somtimes you get sick and tired of your hand and need more than that and when your not getting it at home well what else should you do.<br />
<br />
best reason not to: if you get acaught you will destroy your relationship