Love And My Affair

I have been married years and love my wife dearly but over time the sex has dwindled and although I try my wife is no longer interested. I have met a lady who I see twice a week for the last few months.she is discreet and the sex and her love is out of this world.sometimes I worry though that I may be caught simply because as a man we are less sophiscated at covering our tracks how I wish I could have a woman's mind. Also I get a huge emotional surge after seeing her that lasts several days which I find hard to control but I know I must if I am to remain on this path. Am I happy ? Oh yes baby I have a beautiful family and children in one compartment of my life but now I can have total fulfillment and sex with this gorgeous woman even if it's outside my marriage. I must never confuse the two but now I'm living again for we are all here for such a short time so why not be happy? I just hope I never hurt anyone by what I've done as sometimes I feel guilty especially as I can tell no one. May be I'm just a male having a mid life crisis!
Be happy everyone
Poortommy Poortommy
41-45, M
Apr 5, 2012