Looking For Mysterious Spices

I am a pretty loyal guy. I try to live my life to do the best that I can do...except it usually leaves my feelings out. I always look to fulfill others wishes and goals but mine are put last. I am a family man but family has taken advantage of me over and over. I know they love me but they are clueless as to what i need. My wife is slightly overweight but that does not turn me off. She CAN suck a golf ball through a garden hose. She ogles other guys but get defensive around beautiful women. Her friends love me and tell her that I am their perfect man. I am not looking to leave my relationship but want to feel good about myself and regain my self-worth. Am I alone in these thoughts? Is there anyone out there who feels the same way? Spices are what makes food oh-so-good!
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May 17, 2012