Do I want to have an affair, I'm not actually sure.  I think I would and I know I love firsts like the previous writer said.  There really is nothing like sweeping a woman off her why can't I just focus on my wife.  I don't know, I dont really like her but I feel stuck with her.  Having said that I still want to enjoy life and enjoy connecting with someone else on a whole other level besides just sexual.  I don't know how much sense that makes but here we are.
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chooselife. go start a forum of your own and call it "I DON'T THINK PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE AFFAIRS" this is for people who WANT to have an affair.

oh mate, sounds like you got it good and you are taking things for granted. I wonder what attracted you to your wife in the first place? What's changed? Some of my friends would give their right arm for a boring marriage. their marriages are filled with the worst dramas you can imagine including affairs. They are destroying. My best friend had an affair that broke her marriage up. To this day she regrets tearing her family apart to the point she is terribly depressed and can't function properly. It truly is tragic. Tell us more about your wife and why you think you don't like her