West Michigan

I've been hoping for some time that my wife would have an affair. Lots of reasons why...most are outlined in a few of my stories. We've danced around the issue for a bit and I don't know if we really got anywhere. BUT...lately, she's taken a sudden interest in working out. Not telling me that she wanted to lose weight or get in shape...just suddenly working out 6 days a week. Hmmm...

With that said...sher would like to find someone in my neck of the woods that's tall, dark, handsome, and has what it takes to give it a try. Single/divorced guys probably have the best shot...
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3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Interesting . . . maybe she has a new lover ? ask her !

Yeah - her getting back in shape is a sign of something..... You never can pin down just what it means though. My wife has been getting in shape as well.... Could be just to look good in the suggestive tops that I've been buying her..... could be so that if the opportunity presents itself that she would be ready..... Dunno.... So dang confusing (but fun). :)
Good luck

Wow, hopefully she's warming up to the idea! That would be great if she actually found a lover!