Uhhh No.  I Dont Need To....

Uhhh no.  I dont need to. I am single.  Affairs are sucky anyways, they break hearts and destroy relationships. I say if you want to cheat, then you are not relationship material.  Go out and play, see what its all about, and dont hook up with someone until you are ready to be faithful.
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2 Responses May 31, 2007

way to go 'flirtswithdisaster'. i agree with you completely. don't comment about this group unless you've shared the experience. we don't need or want your judgements or your criticism! go start up a group that says "I will never have an affair, or I don't want to have an affair" then you can comment in that group all you want.

Ummm wrong group to be commenting in. If you don't share the experience, you shouldn't be sharing a story. No one in this group wants to hear judgments on their feelings or actions...it's hard enough to deal with these feelings they don't understand and have difficulty controlling.<br />
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Also, what about people who are emotionally abused or starved by their partners? How DARE you lay down judgment on entire groups of people with no attempt to understand or empathize. It's hypocrites like you that frankly make me sick. It's extremely rude and arrogant to dictate the terms by which others should live. It is often this pompous attitude that is held tightest by those who are afraid of their own inner darkness and want to exorcise it by condemning others.<br />
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Save your speeches...no one needs your pity or your permission.