Afraid to Marry

I think every day about cheating on my boyfriend. Not because I don't love him. I think mainly its because we stopped having sex due to our religious beliefs(Catholic=no premartial sex and no contraceptives) I want to obey God, but having sex regularly with men from age 16-21 and then suddenly stopping has been hard on me. I have a much harder time than he does. It drives me nuts and I fear I may act on some impulse someday and end up in someone elses bed. I hope not, but with my frustration and BPD its hard to know what I might do on any given day. Especially when I entertain the idea.
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God wants you to enjoy your life. Remember, in Biblical times, people were married by 13, so don't let the preachings of an outdated and bloated institution ruin your relationship or your life. It's ok to think for fact, it's encouraged. If Jesus left nothing else for us, it was that we were to love God, love each other, and don't judge because it's not our place. Remember, his best lady-friend was a hooker, after all, and he spent most of his time with society's rejects...that's why the elders hated him. "I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints..." Billy Joel and Jesus on the same page...who can argue with that??

BPD is not an excuse to cheat on someone.

this is a tough situation

now that is a shame - letting someone else dictate how your realtionship should be. Be yourself - stay true to yourself.