Wife's Illness Is Driving Me to Want to Have An Affiar


I have been married for 17 years now.  I love my wife, would never deny that.   13 of the 17 years of marriage, she has had extreme Fibromyalgia and endomitriosis.  Our sex life has been miserable.  I have held on with meager bits of physical pleasure and now, I don't think I can hold on.  I used to feel sick at this desire but as time goes on, it seems quite desireable.  My wife and I have talked but there really is not much that can be done.  We have tried practically every so called cure or treatment for her health but to no avail except just a load of debt.  I would never abandon her, never.  We do have a child who is 13 years old.  When we said "in sickness and in Health" you always figured a short time, never decades.  I feel somewhat dead inside and I want to be alive again. 

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2 Responses Jul 4, 2007

You sound like a very kind and sweet guy.

ooo that sucks :( im sorry this happened. my aunt and uncle have aids and i know its not the same thing, but i understand how sometimes its hard to have someone in the family be in danger of dying.<br />
<br />
talk to her about it.<br />
perhaps a 3 some? or you could try bondage but shes the one tied up so maybe it wouldnt be as bad?<br />
oh idk im tired :-P