Been Thinkin

now that my wife had an affair i been thinking about it.i dont really wanna do it but i just wanna know whats up

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i can relate. my husband has been having a relationship with his ex from college


I think that if you want to have an affair because you are looking for something you cannot get anymore or you are looking for someone new then go for it, just be careful to not get yourself hurt again


He just wanted to know "what was up?" so that leaves it pretty open for anyones say

Yana maybe you don't belong in society with a terrible attitude like that ! okay totally out of the question there but Wow how unattractive can one be?! "Does not belong?!" I think this whole site is dedicated for people to belong and to relate. *QUOTE* yana1 "it doesn't say anything about judging people or finding people who DON'T share the same experiences as you..." but who says you can't? what if it helps in more ways then when people can relate? I agree with trics very hypocritcal and judgemental on your behaf yan,

two wrongs dont make a right, so think about it first.

Hahaha! You're all kids here! So funny...

lol...lucky you..have fun!

well i'll be doing some pounding in a couple of weeks when my friend comes to visit,woohoo!

oh's DEFINATELY the best place for pounding hard...;) i looove getting pounded hard..

its amking me hornu everytime i see it. i love doing it on counters or tables or sinks.just an awsome pounding postion.

VERY sexy and erotic..i like it ;)

is it just me or does the picture on the front of this group look very sexy and erotic

good! i'm glad u are

yeah so i think she will be fine.i will be too

ooh..i see!

well she had a fruity flavored hot oil kit on her lamp table in the living room

huh? lol..i have no idea what you meant by that last sentence..but i get the luck with it!

yeah we were supposed to meet sat dec 1st to decide what we were gonna do.judging by the oral fruit flavored kit on her lamp she pretty much made up her mind,lol

good for you!! there's no need to anymore anyway..

tell me bout it.i really try not to dwell on her anymore.

hmm..might be a good idea...otherwise you'll still have people telling you not to cheat on her...urgh!

either way why do people love to get married .stabiltiy i wife played me so well.i dont even wanna talk about it.i might remove all of these groups stories i wrote.

no..very small...

a big wedding husband was 26 when we married..

actually heart18..i was disagreeing with chooselife...i told her that she shouldn't be making comments in a forum she doesn't belong to..she should start up her own forum and name it"I don't want to have an affair" unless someone asks for someone's opinion they shouldn't really give it...but that's ok...this discussion is over anyway since sinistermemphisto said that they've seperated....

how old was he.was it a big wedding

lol.well..mines not that bad i guess..i was 21

we got married at 18 and 19 respectively,dumb dumb move

so did i

like hopefully everything goes well and this chick visits from illinoise.then im off to s. carolina.its my dream before i got travel the states.its so much fun to see mountains and rivers.i have no clue why i got married..i screwed myself

very nice...well..if i'm ever single again i will definately try the same thing...:)

they sure do.i been talking wit lots of girls from all over the us and its more fun than having a girlfriend.if we ever visit each other we can show each other what our place is like

that's awesome! everyone deserves happiness


good to hear!! i wish i was doing that good..:P

not too bad at sanity is so wonderful,lol

hope everything is going well for you sinistermemphisto :)

dont fight guys,yana's right.she has a man and i have a friend too.its over

well Tricz....i merely stated a the end, people can do what they want..but that doesn't make it right for Chooselife to comment in a forum she doesn't belong in....i was just letting her know that if she's against affairs she should start her own forum and call it "I don't want to have an affair" then she can post comments like that to her hearts ticks me off when someone comments on a story that they haven't experienced or don't agree with...if someone asks for your opinion that's fine..but SinisterMemphisto didn't...besides...EP's website is to find people who share your experiences.<br />
Get support, be understood, and have fun! that's what it states right at the top of every doesn't say anything about judging people or finding people who DON'T share the same experiences as you...i think that's pretty clear and that's where my comment is coming from...<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
PS> your comment is about 2 1/2 months too late by the's been a long time since this story was commented on...

...having absolutely nothing to do with the topic but...<br />
<br />
Yana, why are you being such a hypocrite? You just got done telling Mephisto that he should not let people tell him what to do and then you turn around and tell Choose that she can't post here. I think this deserves a chuckle and triple ?

were seperated..end discusssion

If you don't wanna do it then don't. If your doing it to get back at your wife your doing it for all the wrong reasons.

Hey CHOOSELIFE. why are you even a part of this forum? it's titled "I WAN'T TO HAVE AN AFFAIR". you're in the WRONG forum. you obviously don't share this "experience" like everyone else who is writing stories here. you' just like sticking your nose into other peoples business and where it doesn't belong. you are a know-it-all and you seem to like telling people they SHOULDN'T have affairs. this isn't the right forum to be telling people that. Go start your own forum for people who DON"T WANT TO HAVE AFFAIRS or who DON"T AGREE WITH PEOPLE HAVING AFFAIRS. you don't belong in this forum if you don't want to have an affair and you shouldn't be commenting on these stories unless you've shared in the same feelings or experiences.

why shouldn't he do it if he wants to? we all have the right to make our own choices and if that's his choice then, good for you man! if he decides not to, good for you man! either way it's his decision and NO ONE should tell you what to do. you know in your own mind and heart what's right for you.

Don't do it mate. Two wrongs do not make a right. What she did was totally unacceptable and I bet she is feeling terrible about it. Don't stoop to this low level of behaviour. You are better than that. The hurt it causes to yourself, your wife and all those around you just isn't worth it. When people have affairs, they are not thinking about the wider consequences of their actions and how far the hurt spreads. It's not just about the couple having the affair. good luck with your dillema.