Life Needs to Be Lived

Though I've been married for seven years, My wife has never let go of her taboos about sex and sexuality. She has developed several rules about when, where and how we can have sex. That and she has never truly helped me support us. I've carried her for years.

Up to now, I've never contemplated having an affair. The idea came to me the other day when I was in the local video store. I rented several movies to take with me on a business trip to another state. I spent almost 30 minutes talking and flirting with the clerk about the various movies I had chosen. I found, in that one person that I had just met, I had more in common than I did with my wife.

Though I wouldn't contemplate having an affair with this Video Store Clerk, as she is a little too young for me, it has made me realize that there are other women out there more like me.

So, I have decided to actively seek an affair. I hope to meet some people thtrough here who can assist me in locating a woman who is like minded.

ranger74 ranger74
26-30, M
2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

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I'm in the same boat ranger74. My question is, how do you go about it? Unfortunately, the type of work I do greatly limits my socialization (I work alone). In addition, I'm not sure I want to have an affair with someone I'm connected to through regular social contact (what if things don't turn out well?). I want to find someone in the same situation I'm in (a passionless marriage), but not someone from my and my wife's group of friends.<br />
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How do you find someone? I don't have a clue about meeting a partner through the internet. Is the internet the best way?