Love and Being Loved

Kay so I am an attractive person not like beautiful but I attract people to me my b/f says that you can tell I am a sexy person and I don't have to say a word about it, I don't dress sexy but I know I am flirty and I just happen to have people in and out of my life and a lot of them want more and I want more with them

Anywho theres this man and he's well perfect and I want to very badly do lots of great things with him but I know its not right for 100's of reasons

 So after a few comments I wanted to add a little, first of all what is this about a lie its not a lie it is real i am not looking for love, maybe understanding someone who understands me and gets me. Maybe I am not in that point where I want it to be so serious just fun and new. Whether or not i go though it is up to me and no one else. You can feel I am a bad person for doing it and that its wrong and it might be but it feels right and i love being with an older guy, I've never been able to be okay with just one kind of guy, and he gets me and i like him

Everyone right about one thing i can't get attached  thats the only thing it has to be fun and lite hearted


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Don't reach "middle age" and wish you had. Not a day goes by that I don't regret the "not doing". People can say it's wrong but until you've walked the walk, live and let live.<br />
<br />
Just my opinion.

To have an affair is to live a lie. My feeling is - get in or get out.

Oh ever meet someone who got a joke you were sure they would never get, <br />
Or have you ever meet someone who felt exactly like you about 95% of the time, or just had a very similar walk in life. We were talking and there this place I know and love to camp out weird thing was it was were he grew up he knew it as well as I did and loved it as much as I did. <br />
Sex is great and having something new would be wonderful and great as for the b/f it never really was there in this department <br />
Bottom line I don't know what to do I know what I want