Miss the Touch of a Lady

I've been married for 25 years and there's been no passion or physical contact for the last 2 years.  Prior to that, we maybe had sex 10 times over the previous 5 years.  Do the math, it's tough.  I love my wife but can't continue to live without passion.  We've discussed it to the point I asked "does it bother you that we no longer have relations" and her response was "I guess it bothers you".  That's a little cold but welcome to my world.  I have no plans to end my marriage, too much money and too many memories but I can't continue to live this way.

It sounds like a sob story but it hurts after a while.

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3 Responses Feb 26, 2009

partylover: I can get a hand job now and then but it gets more and more difficult. I am broken too. It's a bummer being horny all these years and not having sex. I want to meet someone and have some mutual fun.

How do you deal with her ignoring everything? I mean I do absolutely everything I can to make her happy. I just don't know.

Sometimes it is much more important to have someone want you than you to want them..<br />
Been there...still am