I Have For a Long Time

I have wanted to have an affair since about two years after I got married.  Being a cautious type and being an introvert I never had many opportunities.  The few times I did I always felt too guilty to go through with it.  Either because of my loyalty to my husband or because of loyalty to the guys wife or kids.  Lately I have wanted to have an affair with a woman but all the women I know are straight.  I have been looking a bit on line but am just browsing.  I do feel very guilty for even thinking this though and don't know if I'll ever actually do anything.  We'll see.  My husband is a good man and doesn't deserve for me to treat him this way.  Sometimes I just feel so lonely and disconnected.

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Leiza350,<br />
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I bought my wife a rabbit. She loves it! And I like watching (or helping)!

did you have your affair yet ....we are still waiting to hear about it

it has those great big ears .....just feed it a carrott....und it is ready to play.

Ich liebe mein Kaninchen, es wird Sachen machen, dass ein Mann nicht kann

How often do you pet this rabbit lea?

My husband bought me a rabbit....need i say more .....

Why are you feeling such?