Friendly Lover

The person I seek has to be in the same situation as me:


not interested in leaving the marriage

really missing the joys of sex due to a lack of sex interest on the part of their spouse.

They have to have a friendly personality

They have to really love sex.

51-55, M
4 Responses Mar 8, 2009

Yes!!!! Pleeeaase!!

myddy,, you give me some hope,, ya sort of amazing,, good bod, no money probs,, lonely,, sheesh,,john

damn guys, why aren't you taken yet?? many women would love something like this. If I didn't already have a guy I could be the person you're looking for! we're out there, don't give up. but be careful.

oh my i coukdent have said it better,, sheesh how many of us are in the same boat,, oh if i could find someone that wanted me to eat them all afternoon kiss make love,, touching and holding,, and giving them a multitude of *******,, whew !! john in colorado