I Am Not Sure If This Counts As An "Affair" But I Will Share It Anyway

I am not sure about whether or not this is an affair.  I was dating the woman who is now my wife.  We had had a very nasty arguement and I walked out on her telling her to get her act together and call me sometime.  I was angry and I admit I wanted to hurt her with that comment.  I am not altogether sure, though, I meant it.

Anyway, I lived in another town about an hours drive away so I went home.  I decided that I needed a few days for myself so I went to visit my parents in another state.  I was looking forward to the trip because my brother had been recently married and I wanted to meet his new bride.  What I did not know at the time was that my brother had been caught smoking some weed and was currently in "time out" at the county lock up.  When I found out about that, I was a bit bummed.  I would have to wait for another trip to meet his wife.  But I was not going to let that stop me from exploring the local cuisine. 

My dad understood what I was going through so he encouraged me behind my mother's back.  Mom, on the other hand, thought I needed to go home and make up with my girlfriend.  (You just gotta love Mom's.)  So on Saturday night I am out on the town when I passed what looked to be a promising club.  I parked and went in for some dancing and a few beers.  That is where I met "Anne".  She was dancing on the stage and we made eye contact.  Next thing you know, I am buying her drinks and we are chatting it up and dancing and just having a good time.  I really never thought it would progress beyond that.  I am not the kind of guy women pick up in clubs.  I am just your average joe, nothing special.  I am not very muscular, not very tall, not very good looking, not well endowed or anything.  Just average in every respect.  The one who is usually walking out of the club alone at the end of the night. 

But Anne had other ideas.  She was not sober enough to drive, so I offered to get her a cab.  She asked me to drive her home.  I agreed and we left for her place.  She invited me in for a nightcap and I thought that was a promising sign, so I said sure.  No sooner had her front door closed and she was all over me.  I swear, within a minute she had her clothes AND mine off and was down on her knees giving me the greatest blow job I had ever had in my life!  We continued with our sex play for several hours before we finally fell asleep on her living room floor. 

Next morning, we went at it again for a few hours before I decided I should head back to my parent's house.  I wanted to be back before they returned from church. 

I knew that I would be leaving town again the next day, so I didn't even bother with getting her number.  I just thanked her for a great time and left.  Monday, I was about to leave for home when Mom asked me to stay for another hour or so.  My brother's wife was coming over to meet me.  I decided to wait.  Meanwhile, my girlfriend calls me and we talk for quite some time and agree that I will come over to her place on Tuesday after work to see whether or not we could salvage our relationship. 

I was done waiting for my brother's wife to show up so I told Mom I was going to leave.  Just as I was about to walk out the door, it opened.  There was my brother's wife, the woman whom I had just spent a glorious night with! Needless to say, we pretended not to know each other. 

It was the first of several adventures with her.  NO, we never had sex again, but we did do some crazy things together.

IacchosDeru IacchosDeru
Mar 13, 2009