Im On the Verge

I am on the verge of it. I have been talking to a few of my past loves and they both are interested. But 1 wants more than that but i cant get out of my marriage right now. My husband and I never have sex so i crave it so bad. I dont want to cheat but then again I do. Maybe Im crazy.
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its going to come to the point where you will do it and your going to enjoy it and wont look back.

It is natural to have a craving for sex. If your husband isn't fulfilling that need of yours so surely not everything is hunky-dory. You should first decide - You have lost interest in your husband because of lack of sex or in general? If you think it is because of the second reason then there is no harm in going for an extra-marital affair. See who one of them can fulfill your needs the best and give it a shot.

hey not cheating if you having NSA only be cheating if you get caught

Hi There
I am sure that you want to be faithful to your husband however the affair itch NEVER seems to go away LOL! I so badly want to share my love w/ someone who desires a lusty intense lovemaking screaming affair! I would kiss so ever passionately and give her what she wants and needs! I will take control/ lead and she would be feeling that she was taken by me and couldn't help herself!!! I would teach her allot about her G spot ****** and her **** would def be in 7 heaven)))
I wont stop giving her the attention until she felt exhausted cause she deserve to be made to feel like she is the absolute best LOVER in the whole world!

There is a book called "She Comes First! Its a great book to read however I was already doing most of the things I read about! I just read it so if there was any way to be a great lover then I wanted to be that man! I too have so much to give to someone and am aching in certain areas that I cant seem to meet the right person!!!

Hopefully someday soon so we can both have a GREAT smile on our faces!!!:-)))



Let me tell you as a husband of a woman who recently slept with another man, it hurts.. like hell. I felt very hurt and betrayed but I have forgiven her.. She promised to never do it again, but its going to take a LOT to trust her again.. Its just not worth

sheesh there are sooo many of us in the same boat !! wish i could find some that wants to meet

I haven't had an affair (yet), but I too miss the "first" experience, I miss the woman i met 14 years ago!!!! It doesn't help that she gained 60 pounds and she doesn't care..she knows that i'm not attracted to her. but she still expects me to have sex with her. I love her, but she has NO self respect. I'm not shallow, but i'm also not blind....what dont do anything or go anywhere together, i miss her :(

I agree, sexually frustrated. I too, am on the verge. If the right moment arises with the right person, I may just jump at the chance. I have chastized my husband for cheating, but he has giving me a green light but it is hard for me to just go for it. I would never want him to hurt as much as I have hurt from the choices he has made. He knows that he can't always be the one to fulfill my sexual needs. I crave sex so much and he is just at a point in his life that he is not interested. It's sad....for when we do have sex it is awesome. So what do we do?

have the affair i bet it will make you feel alive again, i dont do guilt

You dont want to, you just want sex. i think before looking elsewhere you should try to address it within your marriage. vows after all were taken for a reason and he as well as you need to try :-)

No. You are not crazy, just sexually frustrated. At some point something has to give and it is always the ability to think correctly in this given situation. So, it is a matter of time before you take the plunge and soak yourself into the pool of sexual fulfulment. The big question is not whether you want to or not (as you obviously do otherwise you would not be writing in here). It is more "how far do you want to go". If you love your husband then I suggest that you have a no-string attached relationship as it is folly to assume anything more from this affair. Otherwise, someone will end up hurt and it won't be your husband so long as he never finds out about it. Keep it purely physical and you will be able to enjoy your husband much more then you do now.

You would not be cheating if you are not getting sex. He is not giving you anything.. so you are not taking anything from him if you are with somebody else. He just does not need to know it.

I am sorry, i have no right, and i dont judge you cuz i dont live your life. You do what you think you should do. but if it was me, I would try again to talk to my husband. and if it doesnt help get out of the marriage.

dont do it. You will be glad you didnt.

why do people try to tell everyone what they should do? everyone can make their own choices in life and we don't need some know-it-all telling us what THEY think we should do. we can make our own decisions.<br />
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PS> if someone writes a story ASKING for people's opinions, by all means give your opinion. But don't tell these people DON"T HAVE AN AFFAIR if they never asked you for your input. i hate it when people do that

If you're not having a healthy sexual relationship, cheat once. If you feel terrible, don't do it again, and tell your man if you feel you have to. If you enjoy it but feel some guilt, either stop and live without it, or learn to deal with the guilt. If you do it and enjoy it with no guilt, either get out of the relationship or keep doing depends on what you're getting out of it.

Yes, there may be guilt. But sometimes we need intimacy so bad we are willing to deal with the guilt later on. Sometimes the guilt disappears. You will probably have some suffering whatever you decide to do. Be careful taking my advice because I am a man in a similar position to you--my wife is cold to me and I cannot leave my daughter alone with her.

You have already experienced the best part of the affair - the excitement and thrill of someone new. Yes, the sex would be good, but it will leave you with such guilt - you can't imagine. You will associate the guilt with the new dude and you will lose a certain part of your relationship with your husband.<br />
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If you decide you're going to do it anyway, then DON'T do it when you are mad at your husband. Look yourself in the mirror and make a concious decision that this is something "I want to do".

Don't. It's not worth it! Wait till you separate or something worse.