Affair Vs 'Married Dating'

In looking around the internet, it seems that 'affair' now refers to the classic having a sexual or emotional relationship with a friend, neighbor or co-worker that neither planned. I'm seeing the term 'married dating' to be more like traditional dating and courtship: searching for someone online, chatting, doing lunch, picking and choosing who you want to have a sexual relationship with. Sites like seem to give credence to this. Has anybody else noticed this? It's an odd twist to the whole internet dating scene.  As credentials, I live north of Atlanta and am seeking a lady for such a relationship.

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1 Response Mar 13, 2010

I like the concept of married dating. Thank you for posting that. I too am looking for that too. Sorry but I am in Canada.<br />
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An affair just seems too... frivolous and cheap. I would like to spend my intimacy with someone I am attracted to... in more ways than one. For me, sex begins in the brain, believe it or not. If a man can seduce me with his/my mind, then the physical part will be a piece of cake. I enjoy the intellectual foreplay as well as the flirtatious chase of it all. An affair just seems like straight get down to business type of sex -- which is OK if that's all one is looking for