Have Always Dreamt Of It, But Not Had The Guts To Do It...

I am a highly sexual woman. I get turned on at the drop of the hat. I see men and I wonder how they are in bed. How big is their ****. Would he satisfy me. Would he go down on me and would he lick and suck me non-stop until I beg him for mercy. Sometimes, when I see attractive women, I wonder what she would be like in the sack. When we talk, I would slowly move my head closer and closer towards her - showing all the time my attentiveness and wondering what she would do if I were to slowly, move my lips and softly brush them against hers. Then taking my hand and running it gently, but firmly down her firm breasts. Rubbing her nipple through the material of her blouse and bra.

I wonder how she would react when I finally get to kiss her down there. Would she open her legs wider, giving me access to her ***** lips and her clitoris. Would she sigh with abandon as I tease her by slowly kissing her thighs, running my tongue up her inner thighs, moving slowly, ever so slowly up to the opening of her ***** - breathing my warm breath against her hidden pearl. Then with the soft part of my tongue, lick her thoroughly, wetting her before using the pointy end to run fluttery movements against the hood, coaxing her clitoris to swell.

As it begins to peek out of its hood, I would then take my hand to slap it hard enough to make her gasp, then quickly kiss and lick it, to soothe the pain away, gently sucking and sucking and sucking - not allowing her to escape. Would she scream then? What if I slip a rabbit vibrator in her then, and switch on the rotating pearl while all the time, continuing to suck and lick, suck and lick her ****. What would she do then? Would she come? If she does, would it be just the once? Or would she buck and have multiple *******, quivering all over, breathing hard and flushing. Would she even squirt. Ohhh.. if she does, I would just about be undone.

This fantasy of mine of having an affair, with a man or woman - it plays in my head all the time.  ALL THE TIME. If only someone could help me out and make it into a reality.

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4 Responses Mar 16, 2010

I LOVE the way you describe things in your stories. Yummmm

Bless you,Darlin'-we're all wanderers really, aren't we?<br />
To quote the poet T.S. Eliot:<br />
<br />
"We shall not cease from exploration<br />
But the end of our exploring<br />
Will be to return to the same place:<br />
And know it for the first time."<br />
Love Db x

Unfortunately, I am not in the States at the moment. Life of the perpetual wanderer is the one I am leading :)

I wouldn't mind helping you out with your fantasy! What state are you from??