Nw Chicago Classic Car Show

It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon at the NW Chicago classic car show. I milled about enjoying all the classic sexy lines of the cars, small talking with some of the owners.   Then my eyes fixed on this one.  It was a 1940 Packard-Darrin Convertible Victoria.  Her owner was buffing the front fender, not that she needed it. Her sheen was already that of glass, she almost looked wet.  This man obviously had a passion for this car, and took great care of her.  
I approached slowly, walking around, admiring every angle of her and her amazing condition.
"Hi", I said softly to her owner with a slight smile, tilted head.  I couldn't help but twirl my hair as I needed something to touch.  
This was an amazing car; I was so attracted.  The site of her being well attended to by a strong man made my breasts tingle.
We chatted and I felt like a little school girl, flitting my eyelashes, giggling at the story of how he acquired this beauty.
"Want to go for a ride?
I think he was picking up on my cues.
We hopped in and left the show with all the hustle and bustle behind.  Off into the countryside we rode.  The sky was clear, big puffy clouds, the trees still green with peaceful rustling leaves. I was wearing a free flowing sheer blouse, one that loosely tied toward the top in the front, something like an old-fashioned corset.  The flow of air felt delightful as my blouse floated around and air was able to penetrate its loosely woven fabric.
I rested my head against the lush leather seat, closed my eyes and raised my arms to take in the wonderful breeze.
This gave the driver a nice vantage point.  The tie of my blouse was loosening.  As the breeze caressed my body, it revealed a baby blue, lace trimmed bra.  Not one you can get at just any boutique.  This was a special order open tip bra.  The breeze, the movement of my blouse, the bare openness... It all made my nipples so erect they ached.
I turned my head and, and peeked with one eye to see the driver drink in the view, my view.
Without a word, we turned down a small one lane road and stopped near the most beautiful willow tree. 
Engine off. He took the end of the the silk tie that was barely holding my blouse together and gently pulled it completely away.  
"I've never seen such a beautiful and sensual garment".
He licked his finger and teased the end of my nipple with it. It sent an electric sensation I could hardly endure.
I tugged and fumbled at the clip to my lacy baby blue captor as I couldn't get it off fast enough.
My luscious engorged breasts  bathed in the beauty of the sunlight, bare for our enjoyment.
His gentle demeanor turned toward the ultimate passion. His need to engulf my breasts and suck.  No more teasing, he cupped both breasts and buried his face deep in my cleavage. He licked and kissed and nibbled.... My breath heaving in delight. He latched on sucking, and grabbing, twisting, trying to milk me for all I was worth.
 He succeeded.  I was dry.... until now.   My let down was fierce, I cried out with a moan that I could not control. He travelled breast to breast sucking, pulling, flicking me with his tongue. Enjoying the taste and texture of my new found milk.  
I was is heaven
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2 Responses Sep 11, 2012

That's a great story and I'd LOVED to be the man that was allowed to scukle your wonderful breasts and make them let dowen milk, that's so delicious.

You seriously have some incredible stories, I would love you to add me to your circle and dream about being next to empty you dry. Out of curiosity how large are your breasts?