Adult Nursing--pleasing And Healthy

I am in my 70's but in good physical shape except for an undiagnosed form of peripheral neuropathy affecting my walking somewhat.  I have been all over to clinics and health practitioners, but no one has come up with a definitive cause.  I recently had one researcher in medicine tell me to develop an adult nursing relationship, as human breast milk, especially when fresh, has antibodies, and certain fatty acids, that might help in my situation.  It would be dishonest not to say that I suspect I would enjoy the "treatment".  I would expect this to be a non-sexual relationship with just compensation to the donor.  I am seeking a lady with ample milk supply and one who could prove or would be willing to obtain lab tests to prove, (at my expense), to show that she is free of disease that can be transmitted in this endeavor.  If anyone in the Sarasota-Venice area might be interested, please contact me at

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Oh how I wish I were nearer to you....your situation is my dream.<br />
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Good luck with your search.<br />
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