What Would It Be Like? (part 1)

This is how I would like it to happen.

There is this colleague that I am rather hot about. She has shown some indication, that she might be into this but, she is playing coy.

In my fantasy, I would invite her to my house and we would spend some time talking. I will then pretend that I need her help with choosing something special to wear for my husband for our anniversary trip. She would then follow me to my walk in closet and help me choose some items. I will then slowly undress, revealing black, lacy matching underwear, with a peek-a-boo ***** over my nipples. It would be hard for her not to stare, as my boobs have to be my best feature. Full, heavy with large nipples, and huge pink aureoles. I will pretend not to notice her looking at me, and invite her to try on a few dresses. Hers breasts are actually heavier than mine, and she would find it hard to button up a blouse and I would pretend to help, grazing her nipples accidentally, checking out to see if she would respond. It is at this stage then, when I feel her nipples hardening through the blouse that I would pause. I will bring my hand up and graze her neck gently, so as not to spook her. If she does not flinch, I will slowly, move in and brush my lips against hers. She will gently, shyly begin to respond and at this stage, my fingers will slowly move down to her breasts, again, grazing gently against her nipples, before cupping it, feeling its delicious soft weight.

At this stage, she moans and leans towards me and I move slowly from her mouth, dropping gentle kisses along her chin, moving down towards her neck, breathing warmly on her ears on my way down. My fingers will gently free her breasts from ill-fitted blouse and as they become free, I begin to slowly suckle on one nipple through her lacy bra. My other hand moves towards her other breast and with my thumb and forefinger, begin to rub her other nipple. The friction drives her a little mental, and her knees begin to shake. As my mouth leaves her nipple she moans in protest, but stops when my lips return to hers and begin to kiss her deeply and passionately. Pushing her against my wardrobe, once again I move down to her breasts, this time liberating them from the confines of her beatiful brassiere. Warmly breathing on her nipples, it becomes engorged and in her frustration, she leans forward, offering them to my lips. Slowly, so slowly, I begin lapping her right nipple, while my left hand rolls her left nipple between my fingers. After a few minutes of alternating between one nipple to the other, I begin to suckle in earnest, earning moans from deep within her throat. My left hand then travels down to her navel, gently touching the elastic of her panties. She stiffens, unsure of the next step.

I continue to suckle her nipples, running my hand between her thighs. Her panties are sopping wet and I seek her little bud and begin to rub it through the wet material. She opens her thighs to allow easier access and at this stage, I begin to push her towards the plush carpeted floor of my walk-in. As she lies down, I begin to move from her breasts, licking, kissing my way down towards her navel, working my fingers to take off her panties. As I gently roll her panties down - I kiss the passage that it travels - sucking on her toes as I take it off. As she squirms due to ticklishness, I move my way up her calf, thighs and push her thighs wide open. She is beyond protest, muttering, "please, please.." not knowing what it was that she actually wanted me to do.

Getting down on my tummy, I grab the top of her thighs with both my arms, pulling her towards me. She aquisce and there I was, lying flat on my tummy, my arms around her hips, my face inches away from her sopping, clean-shaven *****. I begin to blow hot air towards her ***** and she clenched in anticipation. Flattening my tongue, I begin to lick her from her opening upwards towards her hidden nub, like a child with an ice-cream. She begins to whimper. As I continue slathering in one direction she begins to lift her hips and moving it in circular motion, trying to get a different rhythm against my nose, my lips, my tongue and chin. I tighten my hold against her hip to hold her in place. Inching forward, I can see her little nub peaking through its fold. Ahhh, with the pointy end of my tongue, I begin at first to gently flick her nub, her breathing quicken and again, she was whispering, "please, please..." while trying to lift her hips to offer her clitoris to me for more licking.

Using the tips of my fingers, I slap the nub, once. She yells in shock. I slap the nub once more and she bucks. At this stage, I begin to attack the nub, licking and sucking licking and sucking - and she begins to lose control.. "ohhh.. ohhh.. please, please, don't stop... ahhhhh ahhhh...!!!" and her hips clamp against my ears, hips bucking - she begins to *** uncontrollably. I feel my panties too were sopping wet at this time, but I did not relinquish the licking and sucking of her nub. Her hands grip the back of my head, pushing me further towards her **** as she rubs herself around and around, quivering, screaming, bucking and releasing juices that drip down to the carpet. Her breathing came in bellows.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my butt and my dress being lifted to reveal my sopping panties. I stopped what I was doing and lifted my head, only to see in the mirror,  my husband with a raging hard-on, kneeling behind me.

"You have been a very, very naughty girl..." he said.

My friend opened her eyes in horror and started to push her skirt down to cover her mound.

"You both have been very, very bad," he said again, with an evil grin.



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An atmosphere, one might say, of unrestrained BUSYNESS(laughs evilly......)

That would be fantastic, believe me. Yummmm

;) wouldn't that be JUST grand?

Damn lady.. I was hoping you had a girlfriend that you and she wanted to share a man with!