That's A Lie

...I want to have multiple ******* every day for the rest of my life.

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((fungirl blushes shyly))

I'm gonna need video proof that you're actively trying to accomplish this goal FG! All in the interest of keeping the integrity of EP intact you understand. Oh....wait....I got my web sites mixed up. Never mind. ;)

hehe! I can't help that i want what I want and I get it.


Hehe that happens when fungirl isn't around lol

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LOL You know that you are young man. I have missed you Xan. Are you okay?

I envy the person who helps you achieve your goal.

hehe Pix.. How many do you want to wish for a day? I am shooting for at least 6 myself lol,<br />
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Iza, And the choir said amen sister!<br />
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Stony, You are a great man as well.

Great lady.

Right on girl!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Stony, sure my friend!<br />
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Guy, Remind me to talk to you about no shame in Viagra lol<br />
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Xander, How many times have you offered? lol

OOps bella. I missed your comments but yes, I am very lucky in love and life.

At least you can...

May I help?

LMAO!!! I have only seen the whole room creamed in a **** movie. LOL

Lol nice! I just want to have a powerful one everyday where I roar like a beast and cream the whole room!

Ahhhh! I get it now. I was having a blond moment.

You're a lucky girl<br />
<br />
Hope that wish come true ;)

i know how to give pleasure

Not you Demeetrie. I just have several a day now so I don't want to go back to only one. I am a little addicted to it. <br />
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Come, And how is that dear?

i could help with that


hehe! I can't set the bar lower than it already is. i am all about self improvement. LOL