I Want a Baby But Im Not Ready

I am 19 and i want to have a baby but i know i couldnt handle the responsibility. I got the advice to be a surrogate mother but everyone i know says its a bad idea...i wouldnt be able to have a life and party anymore. My biological clock is ticking and im having dreams about being pregnant. I dont know why i want to be pregnant so bad and have a baby but i really want to care for something that is dependant on me. what to do, what to do!

prettyflowers912 prettyflowers912
18-21, F
3 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Oh me too, but honey, you're young and there is plenty of time for babies. Wouldn't you want to wait until you can shower your baby with everything the world has to offer because you can afford it? I worked at a daycare center for quite a while and it was a place where lower income people sent their babies. I think the saddest part of my job was seeing the 6 week old babies come in. Mind you, I spoiled the heck out of them lol, but I always thought it was so sad that a mom had to part with her baby at such a young age because she couldn't take off more than two weeks in order to support herself.

your biological clock is ticking..Relax you are young why bother with that just yet HAVE FUN! You are young stay that way for now

It seems to just be me...I'm in a relationship but he doesnt want kids right now...plus we're still in college.