Summer Rental

We had rented a condo in a large beachfront resort in Myrtle Beach for 2 weeks for the family: me, the wife and the 2 kids. It was right on the beach and each walks or drives to lots of activities and restaurants and whatnot. Mostly, we just wanted to spend lazy days by the pool and on the beach.

On the first day, we met another family with kids about the same age as ours on the way to the beach. Turns out they were in a condo just down from ours. We hung out with them that day, our kids played together. They were fun. Judi was the wife and mother.

Judi caught my eye immediately -- very attractive; blond, tall, blue eyes, great figure, really nice ***, great legs. I admired her discreetly -- we were no a family vacation after all. If I ever flirted with her, it was unintentional. She was very friendly to me, but seemed to really get on well with my wife. They seemed to have everything in common. Can't say I didn't have a couple of flash fantasies about them together...

We did a lot of things together with them, but not everything. It was nice and easy going -- sometimes we wanted to go off on our own, sometimes it was more fun to go as a group. A couple of times we put the kids in front of a movie with pizza in one of the condos while the adults got happily drunk in the other. Good times.

Toward the middle of the second week, my wife took the kids t-shirt shopping. She generously offered to let me stay behind and goof off, a little private quiet time. It was just for a couple of hours mid-morning. I had just settled onto the balcony with a cup of coffee and a book when I heard the knock at the door.

"....must have forgotten something..." I was muttering to myself when I oped the door.... to see Judi standing there, dressed for the beach.

"Oh hi! Good morning!"

"My husband took the kids to play putt-putt, which I am so SICK of, and they let me stay behind. I was going down to the beach and wondered if your wife would like to go with?". She was speaking rapidly and cheerfully as she invited herself into our condo, brushing past me into the living area. "Is she here?"

"No, she took the kids shopping, it's just me this morning..."

"Oh! Well, that was nice of her to let you stay behind.... catching up on some reading?"

She was glancing around the condo, like she expected someone to pop out any second. My eyes were focused on her, finally able to get a long look at her without being observed (except by her). She was looking damn fine. She was wearing a yellow bikini, which looked great on her well tanned body. She was loosely covered with a little tericloth beach wrap, like a sleaveless robe with a hood on the back. It hung down right at her hips, leaving her bare legs quite visible, and such legs. My eyes slid down her legs to her freshly painted toes -- red to match her nails... and her lipstick for that matter. Looking pretty darn good for the beach.

She caught me looking, and our eyes locked on each other. She smiled knowingly... "I've noticed you too.", she kind of laughed. My mind started racing. I felt a warm surging tingling....

"How long will they be gone?", she asked.

"Who?" I stuttered after a couple of moments, breaking out of the spell.

"Your wife and kids, silly", she teased, obviously enjoying my befuddlement.

"A couple of hours....", I replied as she moved closer to me.

"Do you want me to tell her you came by ... .to give her a message...?", as I moved closer to her....

"No. No, that's ok, you don't have to tell her I came by...."

We were almost touching each other, toe-to-toe. Her eyes were cast down at my chest; I looked down at her; she was curling her toes nervously, like a teenage girl... both of us breathing heavily.

"Would you like to stay ... for a cup of coffee...?", as my hands cupped her shoulders. She shivered at my touch....

"No, no coffee".

"Are you cold?", I asked.

"No. Warm actually..... Mind if I take off this cover?"

"Not at all.... let me help you....."

I slid my hands up under the wrap and gently pushed it back off her shoulders. It slid down her body and collected on the floor at her feet. I was holding her arms now, firmly. I'd passed the point of backing out. As of this moment, I HAD to have her. Our gaze locked again, and I saw the same hunger in her eyes....

We started kissing passionately, suddenly, with utter abandon. We enveloped each other in our arms and squeezed each other, my hands feeling her skin up and down her back, to her neck; I held her face in my hands as we kissed. She edged me back against the kitchen table, littered with tourist maps, brouchures and odds and ends. I sat on the edge of the table, and she nuzzled up between my legs, her hands working up and down my chest. I reached behind her and untied her top, the litle string around her neck, and I unclasped the clip and let it fall to the floor. Her hands went up inside the front of my t-shirt, scratching at my chest and my nipples.

Her nipples were firm and erect, and I took them in my mouth each in turn, suckling her beautiful ****. Ahhhhh if she were only nursing.... As my mouth explored her breasts, my hands explored her bikini bottom. I slipped in the back and felt her sweet round ***, gliding my middle finger along her crack...stretching my long finger for a feel... My other hand went down the front and found her wet and hot and ready. I pushed her bikini bottom down toward her ankles. Her hands went to exploring my shorts and my well harded manhood...she unzipped my shorts and pushed them to the floor. I pulled off my shirt and pulled her naked body to mine.

I turned her around and laid her back on the table, pushing aside the clutter, some of it laying under her. I climbed on and mounted her, ******* her right on the table where we had only had breakfast an hour before. I slammed her. With every thrust the table shook and moved a little on the floor, loudly. The table agitated all the way to the wall, then banged against the wall with every pounding thrust. It didn't take that long; the built-up desire and animal lust took over and sent us into explosive ******* in almost no time.

I collapsed on her, our chests heaving. I started to wonder about what we had done. Holy ****, we're both married.... what if she has regrets and tells her husband...worst case scenarios flooded my thoughts....

As if in response, she sat up and pulled me up. She sat me on a chair, and without a word knelt in front of me and started licking my semi-hard and very wet ****, covered in our combined juices. She sucked and licked me clean, as I threw my head back, my hands resting on her shoulders. After several minutes of this attention, my penis started to harden again, ready for another round.

"I thought that would work..." she smild at me.

I leaned forward and kissed her deeply. Her mouth was hot from its recent activity, and I could taste us on her lips, on her tongue....oily and slippery....

I picked her up like a new bride and carried her to the bedroom...the one I shared with my wife...the one we'd made love in early this very morning.... I laid her in the bed and made love to her again, this time more slowly and completely. My lips and tongue explored her entire exquisite body, every inch, every crack, every hole... I brought her to ******* with my mouth, with my ****, and she gave as good as she got. We ****** like we might never see each other again....

Later, long after she'd dressed and gone, and after I'd straightened up and aired out the condo and showered and the family returned from shopping, after we'd gone out to dinner and were enjoying a last glass of wine on the balcony before going to bed, that same bed, my wife turned and said,

"Oh, I ran into Judi in the lobby on our way out shopping ..... did you know that she just found out yesterday that she's pregnant?"
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