Clear Skin Please!!!

I have been battling with my skin for YEARS.

I've tried pretty much everything- every single acne wash/cream that you can buy off the shelf- most of them seem to work for a little while but then stop working. I've done heaps of lifestyle things- drinking lots of water, exercising, eating lots of fresh healthy foods, always washing hand before touching my face, not wearng much make-up (seems to make acne worse for me). I've tried different meds from the doc but haven't been able to continue on them for various reasons.

The only thing I haven't tried is that proactive stuff that they advertise on TV. Has anyone used it and had it work?

I think it's really hard and that maybe if you have clear skin you can't understand how hard it is having acne. I have a lot of scaring and hate being out in public. I don't wear make-up that much cuz it makes the acne worse, but then I feel stink anyway cuz I look so horrible and it feels like everyone stares at my face. I used to work in early childhood education and they'd always be at elast one kid who would ask What's that stuff on you face? Why do you have dots all over?" You know what kids are like, they don't mean anything by it, but I never really know what to say. And even on the odd ocassion I get out the make-up it never really covers all the scaring and stuff :-(

Don't meant to complain- I know there are a lot more worse things out there than having bad skin and I know there's way more to a person than their looks. I'd love to get any advice or tips you have though that have worked for you!
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Sounds a lot like me.. The only thing that works for me is not eating sugar. Of course I do eat fruit-sugar or sugar as in carbohydrates in pasta etc.. But no refined sugar or also that "raw cane sugar" stuff.<br />
Seems to work for me..