Daddy **** For A Visit.

As I wake I am aware of two things. One I am use to one I am not. I wear diapers at night for bed wetting and the occasion poopy in the middle of the night. So waking up to a wet is normal for me. Rarely am I dry in the morning. But on this particular morning not am I only wet but a feel a firm hand on my wet diapered bottom. As I roll over to my side from my tummy. I open my eyes to see daddy patting my bottom. ~Good morning baby my toddler wet?~ I look up at him grinning. ~Yes dada baby is very wet.~ As I begin to rise he pushes me back down. ~Stay there sweety daddy needs to change your diaper~ So I lay back down. Daddy goes and gets the needed supplies to change my diaper then returns. When he returns he grabs my paci off the night stand and puts in my mouth. I begin to suck on it happily. Then daddy looks at the front of my diaper and how wet I am. ~My are a pissy little boi aren't you?~ Looking a little bashful I just grin and nod my head. ~Yes can't help going pee pee in his diapee~ He looks down at me smiling. ~Did my boi make poopies in his diapee wipee?~ Shaking my head...~No dada me no poopy yet~ He reaches down feeling the wetness of my pissy wet night diaper. Rubbing the front gently. He knows how much I like to be played with while I am wet. As he rubs my diapered pee pee I look up at him seeing a very nice bulge in his pants. With a look of pure excitement and a yearning need for that bulge. ~Daddy can I have your special bottle baby is very hungry?~ Daddy stops for a moment leaving me in my wet diaper and pulls out his very special very hard large bottle for me to have. Seeing how it is very full and ready to be sucked on for all of daddies special cream. I greedily take it in my mouth and begin to lovingly lick every inch. ~My my baby is hungry~ As I lick and suck and play with pee pee starts to get very hard. I suck daddies special baba for several minutes and I get the first of his special daddy moans and hot *** feels my mouth. I look up at him smiling down at me contently. Daddy pulls his pants off the rest of the way so he is just standing there in his shirt and socks. ~Now lets get your wet diapee changed baby boi~ I contently lay back with a nice full tummy...very happy. At this point I am just expecting daddy to change my diaper like normal. And start my day. Well daddy has other plans.
He reaches down and starts to undo my diaper. Taking some baby wipes he cleans my diaper area and my very hard pee pee. Moaning a bit as he is cleaning me up. He grins at me. ~Now how can I re-diaper you when your baby pee pee is standing straight up like that?~ Daddy tells me to raise my bottom so he can put a fresh dry diaper under me. So I do as I am told and raise my naked little bottom up so daddy can do what he needs. As I come back to rest on the nice soft diaper daddy grabs some slickery stuff from the night stand. ~What is that for daddy?~ I ask. Watching as he pours a little on his still very hard **** and some on his finger. ~Since baby has not made poopies yet...daddy is going to have to give his boi a nice *** enema~ I think to myself how good this will be. I love to have daddy give me *** enemas. He begins by gently rubbing my bottom and slowly places his finger in my boi ***** and gets me ready for his very large **** to come. Daddy is very well endowed. 9 inches and about 2 1/2 inch thick. As he fingers my hole I moan with anticipation for what is next. Slowly dada leans in closer placing the head of his **** next to my eagerly awaiting boi ***** this time am so close to ******* all over the place...and have not even touched my pee pee. I feel the head of his **** enter me and I lose it and squirt cummies all over daddy. He just laughs. ~Did baby make pee pees?~ Then he thrust hard into me the full length of his shaft penetrating me forcefully. I am in pure full on heat for his **** at this time. All I want is for him to **** me hard and fill me with his ***. Time and again he thrust deep in me then slows and then speeds up again. ten minutes goes by the twenty...then an hour. I feel his **** getting harder. And the time to get what I want is fast approaching. I grind my hips...matching his thrust...and the pleasure of his release sends me over again. As we both ***. I feel his *** feeling me up. He is still inside me as he gets soft. We lay there for few moments looking into each others eyes. Then I feel the warm rush. Grinning dada looks at me. ~This is why you needed a fresh diaper under you~ As daddy releases his bladder in to my very well worn *** filled boi ***** and it dribbles in to my waiting diaper under me. I sigh with contentment. ~Daddy have to go pee pee...giggles~ As the pee and *** leak from me daddy pulls out. Straddling me he places his bottom over my diaper. ~What you doing dada?~ Then I realize what he intends on doing. I hear the sound of a rather huge poopy coming out of daddy and being deposited in my waiting dada pee and *** filled diaper. ~I have been saving that just for you baby boi~ After daddy is done he fastens my diaper in place and pulls out a plastic pair of pants and places them over my diaper. Patting me on the bottom he tells me to go play while he takes a shower. As he heads for the shower I reach down feeling the extra large poopy mess in my diaper. Me likes....
I grab a shirt and go out to have a smoke. Sitting in the back yard in just a diaper and t-shirt. My tummy grumbles...Grinning to myself knowing what is next I feel the poopies coming. As I fill my diaper in the back...already being full of dada poopies...btw it is extremely hot having daddy fill my diaper....the best feeling...I begin to wet the front as the flow subsides I finish my smoke and head in side to write this.
At the moment I am down stairs in my very well used diaper writing this. Daddy is coming down the stairs in just a towel...with a yummy looking bulge...My hope is that it is time to feed the baby again. Write more soon.

Daddy stands in front of me and drops his towel revealing a most handsome hard **** mouth is watering...yes I want more of his yummy creaming *** in my tummy. Never can get enough. I take him in my mouth the entire length. As I suck him for all his yummy ***. I ask if a may play with my hard pee pee in my poopy wet diapee? He says yes yu may baby boi. So as I enjoy sucking his **** my hand goes into my wet diaper...finding me very hard and poopies all around my balls and pee pee I begin to play. I can feel he is ready to *** again so I start to finger daddies hole with one hand and play with my pee pee with the other. Just as he **** in my mouth I begin to *** in my diaper...I fall back exhausted and very content.

This is not a normal day for me. Most of the time Daddy D just changes me and some times we play. But today was a first. and hope not the last.
I hope you enjoy.
Please feel free to comment.
And enjoy reading in a wet poopy diaper...maybe even enjoy a nice cummie diapee.
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Excellent story made me hard

hehe glad you enjoyed...a sticky diaper I hope.

you are really into kinky sex arent you

love too have daddy poop big big load in my diaper mfeel so good

Fantastic story thanks so much for sharing keep them coming :) xx

very nice wish it was me taking daddy's *** me love it too mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Babies don't smoke

Wow. do u want a baby brother? Xxxxxxx

Please can I also add u to my yahoo xxxx

sure..I am on most days.

Can I add you too my yahoo messenger?

sure...I would love to chat with you.

No did happen.

No did happen.


Glad you did. Aside from the numerous spelling and grammar errors.

Awesome story thank you so much for that :)