Money Makes Me Happy

I might sound superficial but I'm tired of all those "money doesn't make you happy" talk. Just admit it! Money makes you happy! Maybe not in a long term but I would love to have really a lot money so that I can just go and say "I always wanted to go on holiday in Russia, I have time, I have the money, I'll do it!" It sounds SO great. It would make me happy.
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2 Responses Aug 20, 2007

9years after, i am posting that I too wanna goto Russia

I agree. Growing up was pretty tough. My friends were much more privileged that I were. Most of the time's my friends would go out and do things witch my parents couldn't afford witch meant I couldn't go. Soon enough I wasn't invited anywhere anymore because I couldn't go. I grew up in a loving home but I was always alone and never really happy. I don't want this for my kids.