I have always fantasized about being in a limo, dressed to the nines with a beautiful girl. Maybe we are on the way to a party, but there is always champagne involved. We start kissing - innocently at first and then increasingly more passionately. While kissing her I reach inside her dress and stroke her until I can feel her wetness through her panties. I pull the top of her dress down to reveal full breasts and pert nipples and suck them until I can feel her writhing against my hand.That is when I slip my fingers inside her, alternately rubbing her **** in a vigorous circle and slipping my fingers deep within. I kiss her from her collarbone down to just where her panty line starts. Now she is breathing heavily in anticipation of what is to come. She is still sitting on the seat of the limo and I am on my knees on the floor. Slowly I pull her panties to her ankles and spread her knees. She is glimmering with the sparkle of her dress and the wetness of her body. Leaning back now she moves toward me with her pelvis, almost begging me. I rub the inside of her thighs and move slowly inward, kissing her from her knee to just before the fold of her lips meets her leg. She is moaning now. Needing the warmth of my mouth on her more than anything else in that moment. I glance her mound with my mouth and then move away, teasing her. I kiss her from the outside, moving in, and the second my mouth comes in contact with her **** she screams out in pleasure. First slowly, methodically, I move my tongue in circles around her ****. I can feel her moving in tamdem with me. Then I slowly move lower until I am at the entrance of her. I thrust my tongue in and out and she buckles. I can feel every muscle in her tighten around me. Moving from inside of her to her **** and back again I wrap my hand around her *** pulling her closer into me. Grabbing her *** I slowly move my hands towards the center and rub the outside of her *** and her taint using the wetness that is spilling over. Penetrating her with my tongue and my finger in tandem we move together and I can tell she is getting close. Circling her rim with my finger I move my mouth back up and nibble on her nipples. Suddenly I go back down and thrust my tongue inside of her while penetrating her *** with my finger. I could not be more inside of her in every way. Licking her delicate in between I rub my thumb on her **** until I can feel her crawling out of her skin with pleasure. Just as I sense she is about to come engulf her mound in my mouth to taste her satisfaction. Sucking as hard as I can and moving my fingers in and out of her *** and stroking her in between I feel her buck against me over and over. Her chest heaving and legs shaking I know that she is spent. The Limo suddenly arrives to it's destination. She pulls her dress back on and we exit to the party.
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Jan 17, 2013