This week's Newsweek cover shows a chubby(not fat)baby to illustrate the obesity "crisis"Who has or knows or a baby fatter than this one?
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1 Response May 12, 2012

My baby cousin is about 3 times that size

How old/fat is he/she?Do you help fatten him/her up?

5 and she is about 140 . She doesn't live near me and her parents are health freaks but when she visits me I give her a supply of fattening goods . She really loves to eat!

Surprisingly they've let her get that fat(sounds like she is about double what she is "supposed"to weigh)Good for you for helping her along!She must be adorable with all that fat!

She is !

Any pics?How much fatter are you going to try and get her?

I'm not trying to get her fat . I just keep her that way

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