Tuna Sandwiches

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This is a true story.  Years ago some members of my family who speak primarily Spanish were playing cards. No one wanted to take a break to make an elaborate meal so they decided to send someone to the grocery store to pick something up. Soon, that someone returned with bread and canned tuna for sandwiches. Everyone ate and enjoyed their sandwiches at which point one of the players praised the quality of the tuna and asked what brand it was.  He said "I don't know since I couldn't read the label but it should be easy enough to find it's the one with the picture of the cat on the front.

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3 Responses Mar 21, 2009

I'm friends with a guy whose family have become millionaires from a small pet food brand. My friend is in charge of quality control and he states with pride that he tastes each batch!

Cat food tastes good, I agree.

lol, would that make it cat food?? ( racking brain trying to think of canned tuna with a cat on the front ... )