I nearly didn't join this group, because it's not so much I want a girl's body, as I want to be a girl, and that is not a choice but a knowing that I have always had, that I am a girl whatever my appearance says to the contrary. I can never be a girl now, just an old woman, which is sad as the best years have passed me by as a lady in waiting. It's not sexual, I've known since before I knew people thought I was a boy; the sex just complicates things and puberty was a nightmare of being rushed in the wrong direction.
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I'm 55 and have been dressing for six years. Thank God for both of us that we did find the inner and outer beauty in ourselves - and had the courage to step out of our maleness. Although I don't ever flaunt it outside the home, my wife appreciates the new me.<br />
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Don't be sad that you don't look like a top model. Appreciate the fact that you can look at the prettier side of yourself and say," go girl!". <br />
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Love, Marcy

I rejoice in the relationship you and your wife have together x

Well, I'm coming up 55, soon nearer 60 than 50...

Andie, Bex just drew my attention to the beauty of your comment. x

Becky, we are living longer, aren't we?! So it's still vital. Thank you for your kind and encouraging comment x

Charlene, as do 99% of us, me included: It's a library picture; didn't want to scare you with the real me! :)

It is our time now that we are a bit older. We can be a little bit selfish now and make time for us. It is the only way forward. As Fullcircle says "It's our time of life now, as much as we can."

Thanks Full, and for your message. I have always worried about others' feelings; if only they had cared as much about mine x

Nikki: we're not that old really, though I know what you mean and I like the "lady in waiting". No, not sexual; it's an inner gender thing. Some are part woman within, some all. That's our only difference. But you can still be gracious, graceful, even beautiful for your age. I look at clothes and want to be really girly (just pretty and a lot younger!) and have to slap myself down a bit for wanting to dress less appropriate for my age. Just be what you are and be lovely. It's our time of life now, as much as we can.