My Figure

I want a woman's body. But I'll never look how I picture myself.
Sarahbis Sarahbis
26-30, T
3 Responses Dec 16, 2012

I know exactly what you mean. I would need to actually swap bodies physically with the kind of girl I picture myself as :)

Well hon though we never do we learn to love ourselves and become some of the sexiest things on earth. it's not a matter of how we would like to look cause not even many genetic girls achieve that but if we can love ourselves we have a beaming look that other desire and fall in love with too. that makes us beautiful even if we aren't like the image we first wanted for ourselves.

Kinda like your pic. :) instead I'm 6'6" 200 pounds bald and huge hands and feet.

Your not alone hon I have met ladies that were about that and I felt small but they held their heads up high and I believe you should too. Not all ladies are small petite demure damsels. I have become very think skinned to much of others treating me like dirt I guess but your young and life can be much nicer to you.