All Girl **** ;-)

My friends and I went over to my best friends house for her bday party. We got really drunk drinking Margaritas! Soon I just went over and started making out with Victoria (my BFF). Her tongue entered my mouth. Omg, it was so sweet. I wanted to taste her *****! We kissed for a little bit when Jennifer came over and started filling on my DD **** and went up my shirt squezzing my nipples. We all started taking each others clothes off standing there in our gstrings and bras. The two other girls Melissa and Nicole came in and joined in also. Victoria told me to lay down and spread my legs. I obeyed and she slid my light blue Harrington aside and buried her face into mu wet juicy *****. My ***** was throbbing wet. I came all in her mouth within seconds. I couldn't help it. My legs were still shaking fro
the ******. The other girls started eating each other out and fingering each other. Victoria went inside as Melissa ate my *****.out. Again I came all in this ******* mouth. Victoria came out furious, "what the **** Michelle!" she asked. "That's my ****** *****! Now I'm going to ram my purple ***** in your sweet ***** until you nut all over my big fat *****!" "BEND OVER!" she instructed. I did as she told me. My gstring was now soaking wet in my ***** juice. I was on all fours letting my hot BFF **** me harder than any Guy had ever ****** me before! I squirted all over her purple ***** and her cute stomach! I couldn't help myself. From that day on, I only ****** my hot girlfriend! And our friends of course ;-*
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Wow! Crazy!