Wanting You Again

Laying there with your body under me, looking down you see my hard **** as I slide it up and down along your *****, grabbing it I spank your **** with it, giving you the giggles as we smile at each other, you are so slick and wet that with out effort, I slide deep into your treasure filling you with every part of me, the look of lust crosses your face as your hands hold onto my shoulders and your legs wrap around me pulling my in tight.

Slowly I start to move my hips back and forth slowly cause I know how hard you *** with the long slow ****, rocking my hips back and forth slowly, you try to force me to speed up to pound on you like you want but this is my show and I hold you off from the tempo shift, bending down I nibble on your breasts as I continue my slow movements in and out of you. Breathing becomes heavier, deeper, husky as I move up to kiss your neck, feeling my **** get harder with every stroke into your velvet space. Pushing myself deep into you wanting to hit bottom in you every time I push myself to the hilt, you tighten your arms around me as I nibble on your lobe giving you shudders of excitement down your spine right into your throbbing *****.

"I'm going to ***." you say softly into my ear. Pushing myself as deep as I can into you, feeling your ***** explode hot liquid all over me, your pushing against my invading member into you as your arms and legs tighten to a death grip on me, stopping my slow torture of you for a moment to allow you to breathe, I just feel the heat off your body as your ****** passes over you.

Love keeping my **** hard just for you my love for we are going to go again.

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10 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Round two will be ******* soon.... mmmmm......

I just wetted the chair I am sitting on.. dang.. you are good. I am ready when you are for round two.

Hehehehe.... Solei...<br />
<br />
*deep sigh* Yes not long now......

LOL Sole!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

OMG...! I'm going to have to go upstairs now.....lol....I'll be back in a bit!.......hehe..<br />
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; )

*sighs in anticipation* ;-)

Like that one huh? *wink* Not long sweet Pix...

OH MAN....I commented before the image was added.....WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it when your aroused dear sweet Pix..... *wink*

Oh my, Pix fans herself....it's stories like these that keep me in a constant state of arousal!!! Whew!!