Wanting You Again (round 2)

As the tides of pleasure ebb off you and I feel you relax under me letting your arms fall to the side, I sit up keeping my hardness still inside of you, grabbing a pillow and reaching down pulling your neck up to prop you up, now you have the view that will also give you the pleasure your feeling.

Seeing my wet **** inside your flesh as I hold your legs apart with my arms, rocking myself again to have you see me plunging myself into your sex. Slowly at first I start, getting the rhythm down to have you slide down as I push into you, seeing your breasts bounce from the force of my thrusts and as you come back down against me.

The sight of my member pushing into your flesh and you feeling it filling you time and again is a sight that you have rarely seen, not letting you come to far down off the high you just had I pull you off the pillow and hook my arms around the backs of your knees then putting my hands on the bed I have your *** propped up in the perfect position for the pounding that you have begged me for.

Lifting myself up till only my **** is just barely inside of you and my arms holding you perfectly where you can't move I force myself down on you shoving my meat deep into your body. The sound of our skin slapping echos in the room like a spank on your round ***. Again I do my "push up and down" on your body forcing you into the mattress when I bring my body weight down on you.

"**** ME" you scream "Pound that *****" and I am more than willing to ensure that your are slammed into the bed as much as possible... You feel my pelvic bone crush on your hard **** every time I slam into you, pleasure you have wanted for weeks is washing over you in waves.

My breathing is heavy with the effort that I am putting into you, I can feel my balls tighten with the load of *** that you want so much inside of you. "Going to ***." I grunt out. "OH Baby!!" I pull off of you as I can feel myself rapidly passing the point of no return and pull you up and put my **** in your mouth as I unload myself into you.

Sucking your snack down and not wanting to loose a drop you feel me spasm in your mouth until it is all over.

Softly sucking on my **** for you know it is very sensitive right now you caress it gently and lovingly, letting your lips clean off the liquid that has collected in the folds and creases of your toy.

Moving myself down on you when you release me I go to do the same to you for clean up is everyone's job. Licking your freshly pounded ***** tasting my sex mixed with yours, licking the inner lips of your fully engorged ***** and sucking on the outer lips making sure that nothing is missed. Flicking your hard **** with my tongue as you run your fingers over my head holding me there for just a little longer...

"The evening is still young lover, round three will begin shortly" I say

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